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Speaker Trade Up


B&W 800 Theater System
Georgia Home Theater recognizes that speakers are the most important part of any home stereo / theater system, and that many customers desire a higher quality speaker than finances initially allow. Our trade-up policy permits customers to upgrade in steps to the speakers they ultimately wish to own. This is just one of the ways of saying thank you for shopping at Georgia Home Theater.

Most speakers (not including subwoofers or powered monitors) sold at Georgia Home Theater may be traded in (upgraded towards a new set) at 75% of the original purchase price. Following are details of our Speaker Trade-Up Policy:

Trades must take place within eighteen months of your original speaker purchase.
The customer’s speakers must be in “like new” condition as certified by a Georgia Home Theater manager.
The customer must have the original receipt, packing material, manual, mounting spikes, warranty card, etc. at the time of trade-up.

The upgraded speakers must cost at least 50% more than the customer’s original speakers.

Example: If the speakers after
any sale price, coupon, or discount cost the customer $1,000 each,
the upgraded speakers must then cost at least $1,500 each.

The new speakers for upgrade will be sold at Georgia Home Theater’s
current listed price. No sale prices, coupons, or discounts may apply.
Financing is not allowed toward the purchase of new speakers
when trading in speakers.
Georgia Home Theater does reserve the right in rare cases to refuse the trade in of older speakers.