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Designed to inspire and fulfill your curiosity, Sony has the audio and visual equipment to deliver an unforgettable experience. Its relentless quest for innovation brings ground-breaking entertainment you've come to expect from the Sony name and won't happen to break the bank. Sony's TVs and home entertainment systems combine sleek design and innovative technology to complement your lifestyle. Enrich your home entertainment with 4k content with Sony's Ultra HD TV with High Dynamic Range for details that go beyond any standard high-definition model. The Ultra HD TVs reveal a depth of detail and color vibrancy to create the highest-quality images which place you right in the middle of the movie. Don't just watch Sylvester Stalone uppercut his component, count every head on his hair while he's doing it. Sony even provides the 4k movies for a paramount visual experience. Sony's line of speakers and components bring audio to life, from headphones and soundbars to Hi-Res Audio and A/V receivers. Experience professional-quality sound with award-winning speakers that bring audio to life.

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