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About Séura


We started in a garage. We will never forget our roots. We dream big. Then go bigger. We bend over backward to move the industry forward. We make it happen. Day in. Day out. We don’t reflect an image. We define image. We believe quality is what creates luxury. We never cut corners. We make American products with global appeal. We know you have a choice – that motivates us. We are tenacious. We are unstoppable. We innovate. We design. We create. We areSéura. Best known for his iconic “Sunday Afternoon on the Island of la Grande Jatte,” painter Georges-Pierre Séurat spurred the pointillist movement. By altering the eye’s perception of a picture with tiny points of color, Séurat’s pointillist methods mimic images produced by the pixels of a television. Derived from “Séurat,” Séura strives to elevate luxury technologies to fine-art status.

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