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Over fifty-five years of engineering and manufacturing audio and video components has placed Rotel at the top of the audio field. As a family-owned business who takes its reputation personally, Rotel manufactures its own parts to guarantee consistent quality across the board. It invests the time to develop, test, and examine every model before it goes to production to ensure flawless performance on every level. An affiliate of Bowers & Wilkins, Rotel takes center stage of any high-quality audio system. From integrated amplifiers and stereo dacs to distribution amplifiers and surround receivers, Rotel offers the finest components for music systems, home theaters, and whole house audio. Its high performance components deliver immersive experiences through richer sound, clarity and depth that puts you in the front row of any concert hall. Whether your setup is simple or sophisticated, Rotel assembles a range of high value components without the absurdly high price tag. Rotel even has the ability to be integrated with Control4 serial drivers, the first of many endeavors to become integration friendly.

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