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Our company was formed in 1969 when the MechoShade® window-covering system was developed. It fit the industry’s need: an alternative to any other window-covering solution available. The original manually operated roller-shade system is no longer the only of its kind. But no others come close to offering the durability and reliability that its unique, patented design provides.

An entire industry has grown out of imitations. No competing roller-shade manufacturer can actually deliver Solar Protection with a View. Conversely, MechoSystems founder Joel Berman has the research, data, and patents to guarantee it. While our product line has grown, we’ve always been a technical company that happens to be in the business of shading. In the midst of the early-1970s oil crisis, energy conservation initiatives were emerging, and our software-controlled, automated-shading system was created. The responsive system was revolutionary. A building was able to reduce its reliance on electrical lighting by better controlling natural light—while requiring little-to-no action from its occupants. Mr. Berman equated timer-controlled, automated-shading systems to automated sprinkler systems—they turn on and off at designated times, rain or shine. He developed the technology for minute-to-minute solar-ray predictions and BTU loads on windows. Our automated shades respond to these factors, rather than timers or sensors alone. Our product offering today remains true to Joel Berman’s vision. 

Design with light when you shop our selection of MechoSystem shades.