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Experience the audio quality and excellence only the Marantz name can deliver. Driven by his love for music and a talent in industrial design, founder Saul Marantz developed the “Consolette” preamplifier in the basement of his home and changed home entertainment forever. Today Marantz identifies as a premiere name in the audio industry with a continually growing reputation. With a passion for music and over 60 years of innovation in home entertainment, Marantz crafts high-end audio products which have redefined performance expectations. Holding true to the philosophy that music should only be reproduced the exact way the artist originally intended, Marantz's sophisticated line of receivers, separates, Blu-Ray players, hi-fi components, and reference series produce fine-quality sound for a true concert experience. Its high-performance instruments of music reproduction are finely tuned to capture the emotion of the music and magic of a performance that will move even the most critical aficionados. Marantz products look as sharp as they sound, an impressive addition to any stereo system.

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