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High Definition Golf

HD Golf™ is Dedicated to Providing Our Customers with the Most Realistic Indoor Golf Experience – So We Created the World’s Most Advanced Simulator for the World’s Most Discerning Golfers.


Since 2003, HD Golf™ has manufactured and installed thousands of simulators in more than 50 countries, earning a global reputation as the World’s Most Amazing Golf Simulator.

As the technology leader and fastest growing simulator producer globally, top PGA Tour players, luxury hotels & resorts, discerning homeowners and top-ranked golf clubs consistently select HD Golf™.

The reason is simple; our highly advanced, performance-leading simulators provide visually stunning on-demand golf, combining unparalleled realism, superior accuracy and long-term reliability. There is NO COMPARISON.




Realistic 3D modelling: We invented new, revolutionary image processing software to combine high-resolution digital images, satellite data and geophysical data into 3D models of golf courses. This allows us to deliver premium championship courses using REAL COURSE DATA. Enjoy luxurious detail, experienced by few – and loved by all who hold realism in the highest regard.

In fact, HD Golf™ has introduced more ‘next generation technology’ to the golf simulator industry than any other company:

Computer Vision Technology: HD Golf™ pioneered advanced Computer Vision Technology with smart cameras for ball & club tracking. CVT provides the most precise and comprehensive measurements of any golf simulator, as verified by PGA Tour players like Bubba Watson, top golf instructors like Jim McLean and equipment manufacturers like Nike. For example, clubface angle at contact is accurate to within 1/10th of 1 degree.

Realistic 3D modelling: We invented new, revolutionary image processing software to combine high-resolution digital images, satellite data and geophysical data into 3D models of golf courses. This creates incredible realism that transports you to some of the world’s most famous courses, like Pebble Beach or St. Andrews.


Integrated Golf Instruction: HD Golf™ was the first to develop a fully integrated golf instruction studio. We give you the tools to elevate your game. Our Studio provides a full suite of improvement tools like Video Swing Analysis, Weight/Balance Transfer, Swing Dynamics Analysis and 3D Motion Analysis allowing you to overlay your swing with that of professional golfers. Getting better just got easier.

Golf Enterprise Management: Our user-interface and integrated, cloud-based, mobile-friendly HD Clubhouse Management Software is brilliantly simple. HD Golf™ clients use it to easily manage multiple simulators, reservations, clinics, leagues, tournaments and even advertising. The Player Locker Room stores golfer stats and lessons while our Communication Portal connects golfers with each other.

Remote diagnostics: HD Golf™ engineers and technicians introduced remote diagnostics in the golf simulator industry. It allows us to remotely access, diagnose and fix nearly all challenges a simulator may experience. This is a huge benefit for customers and ensures quick resolution and a greater than 99% simulator uptime.

Installation, Service & Support

In addition to in-house engineering, HD Golf™ maintains an expert team of project managers, CAD specialists, and installation technicians, to ensure flawless integration from space planning to final installation.

HD Golf’s™ comprehensive engineering capabilities provide the unique ability to support all system components. Other simulator companies use 3rd party hardware and software, making client support difficult at best. HD Golf™ is truly a 1-stop shop, able to resolve any customer problems through 24/7, worldwide support and the industry’s best remote diagnostics. Total customer satisfaction, a comprehensive 2-year warranty and greater than 99% uptime is standard. That’s why HD Golf™ has earned an outstanding reputation for the industry’s finest service & support.


The World’s Most Amazing Golf Simulator.

Amazing Realism Pinpoint Accuracy Fun Competition Game Improvement
We invented revolutionary image processing software to combine high-resolution digital-images, satellite data and geophysical data into 3D models. HD Golf™ is the only simulator manufacturer to use this method and REAL course data to capture the world’s most prestigious golf courses in incredible detail. We deliver an exceptional golfing experience with  luxurious rolling fairways, scenic tee-block vistas and an unprecedented level of breathtaking realism. We pioneered Computer Vision Technology in the simulator industry using high-speed, Smart Cameras to provide the most comprehensive, accurate measurements – allowing golfers to precisely replicate fade, draw and shape shots. HD Golf™ makes more measurements, more accurately than any other simulator. Our simulators are setup for incredible, interactive gaming. Long drive or closest-to-the-pin competitions create fast-paced, exciting events with friends, colleagues, members and guests. Golfers love the collection of competitions like Break-the-Glass, Golf Poker, Field-Goal Challenge, Tic-Tac-Toe, Darts, Mini-Putt, Target Golf and Skills Competitions. Practice makes perfect when you have the best tools. Instantly transform your simulator from a day-on-the-course to an Interactive Coaching System, with our integrated and industry first Professional Golf Studio. Our Golf Studio ensures Teaching Professionals, Clubfitters and Individuals can focus on consistent game-improvement. Comprised of Video Swing Analysis, 3D Motion Analysis, Swing Dynamics Analysis, Weight Transfer / Balance Analysis, the Studio is is designed with one purpose: make you or your students better golfers.

Visually stunning on-demand Golf

HD Golf™ has perfected golf simulation. When it comes to everything about golf, there’s no comparison to the realism, accuracy and quality we deliver. From your first full swing on our simulator, it’s evident we provide the top golf user-experience.

HD Golf™ redefined the industry standard in relation to realism, accuracy and quality, without passing these costs on to the consumer. Our competitive price point, and exceptional user experience make HD Golf™ THE Simulator to own.

Choose Wisely

When shopping for a simulator, it’s important to separate fact from marketing claims. To evaluate simulator capabilities and deficiencies, focus on these 4 core areas: Performance, Ease-of-Use, Reliability & Support

Performance Ease Of Use Reliability Global Service & Support

High Definition Golf™ has introduced more ‘next generation’ technology to the golf simulator industry than any other company. HD Golf™ delivers a visually stunning, life-like experience with our proprietary software that incorporates real course data – not video-game artist renderings like competitive systems.

HD Golf™ is the only simulator company that designs and manufactures all critical system components, including: ball/club tracking and all system software resulting in a tightly integrated system architecture that delivers exceptional performance.

Competitive systems kluge together 3rd party hardware & software reducing performance and reliability.

We make getting to the course and teeing-off simple with our intuitive touchscreen interface. No experience is required to setup and be on the tee within 1 minute. All you need to do: select the course, input player names and that’s it…you’re golfing.

What about more sophisticated features like Video Swing Analysis, tournaments and competitions? They’re equally simple to use. HD Golf™ knows sophisticated technology should be intuitively controlled – and designs the user-experience into the system architecture.

If you want to update your software updates or download new courses, you’re one touchscreen tap away from completion…it’s that simple. If you do experience a challenge, HD Golf™ provides on-demand support. Tap the HELP button, and we’ll directly connect to your system, and provide live Remote Diagnostic support on-the-spot.

HD Golf™ simulators deliver greater than 99% uptime, which keeps you and your friends golfing. We achieve these success rates by using our high quality,professional-grade components like Engineering Workstations versus Home PCs like competitive systems. Our seamless integration of professional grade components and corresponding software within our system architecture provides reliability you can count on. We also back our simulators with a comprehensive, two-year warranty – the best in the industry.

HD Golf™’s exceptional 24/7 Client Support extends beyond our leading Remote Diagnostics and engineering expertise. Comprised of project managers, support technicians and client service managers, our expert team is available by phone and online to support you, when you need it.

Our unique ability to support all system components positions us as your 1-stop shop. We know all critical components inside-and-out, a major benefit to clients if there’s ever a problem with the simulator. We’ll keep your simulator running perfectly no matter where you are – or what time it is. This is how & why HD Golf™ has earned an outstanding reputation for the industry’s finest service & support.