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From the company who has quite literally a “golden ear” and the passion for sonic perfection comes award-winning, cutting-edge technology in the speaker world. With over hundreds of years of combined experience in acclaimed speaker design, the co-founders and engineering team of GoldenEar have come together to create their finest speakers yet. GoldenEar speakers are able to lift the haze which separates recorded sound from real life sound so the speakers seem to simply melt away and you suddenly believe you are standing in a room with the actual performers. This sensation of “suspension of disbelief” is created by fine imaging quality that cannot actually be measured but can only be experienced. Great imaging allows GoldenEar to create the perfect 3-dimensional soundstage to imitate the original sonic events with no regard to the physical position of the speakers. Regardless of price, the GoldenEar quality sound remains consistent through all of its speakers since having less to spend doesn't mean you want lesser quality. Plus GoldenEar's high-performance speakers deliver more sonic supremacy than comparable speakers priced at three to five times more.

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