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Powering the future of audio, Anthem's award-winning audio/video equipment quickly becomes the hub of any home theater. Anthem's high-end products are equipped with unrivaled technologies that yield stunning imaging, balanced delivery, and an encompassing soundfield, and instantly put you in the recording studio of your favorite song and a part of the action in your favorite movie. Known for its legendary analog and digital design, Anthem is constantly setting the new standard of performance. Anthem packs the most advanced technology in easy-to-use components to give you more power and control. The immersive sonics of Dolby Atmos and DTS:X in the state-of-the-art lineup of Anthem receivers allow you to experience theater-sized sound in a three-dimensional space in the comfort of your own home. Anthem's reknown amplifier is a powerhouse with heavy-duty reliability to reduce background noise to nonexistence so you're left with a pure, natural sound. Select state-of-the-art processors AVRs, integrated and monaural amplifiers from Anthem's Statement and Performance Collections.

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