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LG Electronics


Experience breathtaking clarity brought to you by a global leader in electronics. LG Electronics brings cutting-edge designs in home entertainment from its 4k UHD TVs and 3D technology to Blu-Ray players and home theater systems. Change how you view everything with a more lifelike viewing experience courtesy of LG TVs that deliver four times the resolution than standard high-def TVs. LG's high dynamic range TVs deliver deeper black levels, premium brightness, and an extensive range of colors so images appear more vivid than ever before. Feel the rush of adrenaline as the Super UltraHD, 4k UltraHD, and OLED TV bring your favorite action movies to life in your very own living room. LG's home entertainment systems provide cinema quality sound and seamless design to complement your LG flat-panel display. Find the perfect companion to your LG TV with a fuller sound depth and power from high-definition audio Sound Bars and SoundPlates, wireless speakers, and shelf stereo systems.

Shop LG's innovative audio and vision products today for the ultimate home theater experience!